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Bhushan Art is a promise of a boy to his father. It is a testament to the legacy of protecting and securing the paintings of a father and helping the creations reach out to the eyes of the world. It is a vision and dream of a boy to give a platform for artists to create and showcase their canvas and reward their passion for weaving the story of hue and color.

‘Bhushan Art’ is going to be the platform where artists will find solutions to the pain of putting up an exhibition to sell their creations. The dream of this platform is to promote the bridge that connects the gap between Artists and Admirers.

Join us as we create an ecosystem that rewards passionately not only the creators but to the admirers of the arts.

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Why Choose Bhushan Art?

At BhushanArt.com, we take­ pride in offering a curated se­lection of artwork by certified artists with ove­r a decade of expe­rience. Our online platform highlights and showcases the skills of experienced artists who have dedicated their life in sharpening and honing their artistic skills giving life to the painting they draw.

Every work of art you find on our platform speaks with passion and is created with e­xceptional expertise with perfection.Our artists offer not only investment-worthy but heart touching creations that will enhance your space and inspire your soul. Our artists have spent years in perfecting and learning diverse art styles with proven track records, with a commitment to artistic excellence.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to create an ecosystem where artists can express themselves in their canvas through creativity. It is going to be a premium marketplace that helps artists and buyers to come together in one place and enrich themselves with the passion of arts.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to craft a dynamic, vibrant place that highlights the remarkable skills of Indian artists. We want to provide art lovers a gateway to discovering exceptional, meaningful artworks that will touch their hearts and liven up their spaces.

About Founder

Radheshyam Prajapati is an entrepreneur with a decade of experience in managing digital marketing and providing content marketing services to big brands.

With this project ‘Bhushan Art’ he wants to address the problems encountered by artists consisting of the pain of putting up an exhibition to sell their creations.

He dreams to promote this platform as a bridge that connects the gap between Artists and Admirers.

He is here to bridge the gap between painters, artists and art lovers to ignite the passion of paintings with hues of emotions and rekindle the hope in our hearts while admiring the art.

With the collaboration of Century Digital (Digital Marketing Agency), he is going to showcase art by astrology, unique and handmade painting, premium and luxury art  and connect your artwork to the world through the power of the Internet.

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